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Psoriasis is a non-infectious basic skin condition which influences the skin and joints, It is a condition that causes fast skin cell proliferation, and also dry and red patches of thicker skin. Psoriasis normally influences the skin of the elbows, knees, and scalp. Psoriasis is one of the non-curable, long period skin conditions. It has a variable course, occasionally enhancing and exacerbating.
Panchakarma is an arrangement of five therapeutic treatments controlled to the patient for the total detoxification of the body. As per Ayurveda, the detoxification of the body is primary treatment before experiencing some other major treatment. Even for Healthy person, it is prescribed to undergo this treatment once at regular intervals to free the body from chemical toxins present inside the body. At times, Panchakarma alone can cure numerous chronic disease that won’t require any further treatments a while later.
Weight or being overweight is a condition identied by over-accumulation of fat in the body. At the point when the body’s calorie consumption crosses the measure of calories consumed, it prompts the capacity of overabundance calories as muscle to fat ratio. This fat leads a man closer to coronary illness, liver harm, diabetes, joint in ammation and kidney issues.
Cervical spondylosis is a general term used for age-related wear and tear, influencing the spinal disks in your neck. In fact, Cervical spondylosis is exceptionally normal and intensifies with age.
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A beautiful, healthy and glowing skin is a kind of confidence in itself.
But what is more essential is the fact that a healthy, glowing skin is often the
first barrier against any infection and adverse environmental elements.
The outer layer of skin protects people from the unsafe UV rays of the sun.
As the biggest organ of the body, the epidermis, thus doubles up as an imperative
defensive shield. Hence, any treatment related to the skin must not be about the
cosmetic and beauty aspect alone
Hair loss is one of the common problems in both men and women is facing today.
In fact, men are the one who faces this problem than women. Hair loss affects
the scalp or sometimes it affects the whole body. Hair fall is the result of
hormonal changes, heredity or other medical conditions. Anybody can experience
hair loss.