Art exhibit from Texas to NYC celebrates Black hair with selfie museum

An art exhibit focused on Black hair has been to Atlanta, Austin, Texas; the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia area, Los Angeles and by the end of summer 2022, Brooklyn.

Created by friends Alisha Brooks and Elizabeth Austin-Davis to make Black people feel accepted, The Black Hair Experience features hairdryers, salon chairs as well as larger-than-life hair clips and ponytail holders Black girls still rock on the playground today.

The duo said one of the hardest parts of pulling the museum together was the pushback from some landlords who didn’t want to rent spaces to them despite them having the funds.

According to Austin-Davis and Brooks, three landlords said their demographic was not in the area, they weren’t going to be successful and sometimes, ignored them altogether. The pair said it happened in every city they tried to take the museum to, including Atlanta and the District of Columbia area.