Daman Mills Accuser Retracts Abuse Allegations

Daman Mills Accuser Retracts Abuse Allegations

The man who accused voice actor Daman Mills of sexual misconduct is now retracting their allegations and states that their story, and the screenshots that allegedly supported it, were all fabricated.

The accuser, who will be referred to as “Duncan” over concerns for their safety and privacy, originally stated the Mills made attempts to engage in a sexual relationship with them and inappropriately touched them when they were underage. In an email correspondence, Duncan now states that this story, and the screenshots of supposed text conversations between Mills and Duncan’s friends, were all false. “When Daman left our friend group back in 2015 we were angry at him and I guess a little jealous because his career was starting to take off. I had a stupid idea about how to get back at him, so I wrote this document accusing him of all this stuff… I guess I just got angry about the way I feel like he just kind of disowned us. And I used the stuff from the old document to lash out,” Duncan wrote in an email to CBR. “The screenshots I provided were made up and not real at all, or happened between friends of ours and we just changed the names and stuff,” they explained.

Duncan also states that their relationship with Mills was strictly a platonic friendship and the actor did not behave inappropriately towards them. “Daman and I never dated, and by the time he said that we weren’t close any more… Sharing a bed and joking before that was all consensual, and he did not do those other things we accused him off. Like we literally never touched each other like that, and there definitely wasn’t sex or a rape like people keep hinting at implying on the internet and on forums,” they wrote.

“It wasn’t right, and I have no excuse except that I was in a really bad place at the time. I know that isn’t really an excuse, and I am so sorry. This isn’t who I am and I had no idea how much pain all this was going to cause him. I was just angry, and I wanted him to feel sorry for just abandoning me,” Duncan stated. “I didn’t know how to stop this once it started. I kind of hoped that when Daman’s attorney sent those screenshots that proved what I said wasn’t true, the story would stop, but I guess it was too late for any of us to stop it.”

They also want to debunk any rumors that they are only retracting their accusations because of legal pressure from Mills’ lawyers, or that their actions were in any way influenced by anime industry professionals. “People on the internet keep coming up with random conspiracy theories about why I’ve retracted my allegations, but they’re all wrong. I haven’t been pressured by Daman’s lawyer to retract my statement. I literally haven’t heard from them in months. I also haven’t been contacted by anyone in the industry about any of this. I don’t even think they know who I am?,” they wrote. “I haven’t talked to anyone about this except one reporter, my attorney, and a few close friends, and none of them pressured me to do anything. It might not be what people want to hear, but I’m just trying to do the right thing now.”

Daman Mills is best known for playing the character of Frieza in the English dub of Dragon Ball Superand for portraying Kaworu Nagisa in the Prime Video dub of the Rebuild of Evangelion movies. Mills most recently starred in the dub of Platinum End and has also appeared in a number of video games, including Final Fantasy 7 Remake Integrade.

Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy Voice Actor Accused of Sexual Misconduct

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