Marvel/DC Art Finally Gives Fans the Amalgam Heroes They Always Deserved

Independent comic creator Kal Huset releasing new Amalgam creations, collaborating with others to morph together fan favorite Marvel and DC characters!

Fans of Marvel and DC Comics in the 1990s might remember the iconic Amalgam Comics that morphed together fan-favorite characters from each publishing house, and now a talented independent comic creator is collaborating with other creatives to make an entirely new set of Amalgam creations. Dubbed the “Amalgam Files” by creator Kal Huset, each trading card-esque piece of art includes an entire biography explaining the new character.

The shared “Amalgam Universe” of combined DC & Marvel heroes and villains occurred as a result of the major 1990s crossover event, which saw heroes from both franchises fighting in one-on-one battles to determine which heroic universe was better, and which should be destroyed. Eventually two cosmic beings, The Living Tribunal from Marvel and The Specter from DC, were able to avoid this calamity and instead form a new shared universe, the Amalgam Universe, which combined the heroes and villains and retroactively gave them backstories dating back to the Golden Age of Comics. The success of the Marvel vs. DC event, and the creation of the Amalgam Universe, led to the formation of Amalgam Comics, a brief publishing imprint collaboratively owned and operated by DC and Marvel Comics.


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Now, new Amalgam characters are being created by fans of the original universe, with independent comic book artist Kal Huset putting out on Twitter new “Amalgam Files” on these creative character combinations. Huset recently released the first issue of his successful Kickstarter funded independent comic series Sparrow – created alongside Alex Payton-Huset and Jordan Davis – at it seems the Amalgam Files are an ongoing side project for the talented comic artist. The original Amalgam creations were so beloved because not only were the combinations gorgeous to look at, but the characters chosen to morph together ended up making a lot of sense like the new hero Iron Lantern, a brilliant merging of Iron Man and Green Lantern. Huset has similarly created new character combinations whose designs are ingenious and stunning, while the chosen characters combine in a way that honors their original separate personalities and goals while forming an entirely new vision of the characters.

The four merged heroes that Kal Huset has released so far are The Bat of Hell’s Kitchen (Batman/Daredevil), Scarlet Spider (Spider-Man/Blue Beetle), red rune (Robin/Wiccan, drawn by JJ Lopez), and Patriot Girl (Wonder Girl/Patriot, drawn by Bianca Milanez). Batman and Daredevil have often been compared to each other, both operating in the night as street level vigilantes with a penchant for violence and guilt, so their merger into The Bat of Hell’s Kitchen makes perfect sense, and not only does Huset’s biography craftily weave Murdock and Wayne’s backstory into a cohesive new one, but their combined costume is incredibly cool. The newly created red rune is a perfect example of why the Amalgam Universe needs to come back canonically, because there are so many awesome new characters like Wiccan that simply didn’t exist in the 90s for Marvel and DC to use in potential character merges! Huset has also started to create some terrifying amalgamations of Marvel and DC villains, like his character Anarchy a truly unique combination of Lex Luthor and the symbiote Carnage.

The Amalgam Universe was popular, and remains well liked to this day, because it was a way for DC and Marvel fans to bond over their favorite characters while being able to explore new stories with the merged characters. Kal Huset and his collaborators are bringing back some of the spirit of the Amalgam Comics days with his new Amalgam Files project, that he will hopefully continue adding to moving forward. Make sure to check out Kal Huset’s Twitter to get more updates on upcoming Amalgam Comic combinations of classic and new Marvel and DC Comics fan-favorite characters.

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