Moon Knight Fan Art Shows the Tragic Difference Between Marc & Steven

A piece of Moon Knight fan art sees Marc Spector shrouded in darkness as he reaches out to his alter, Steven Grant, in the light.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Moon Knight episode 5

A new piece of Moon Knight fan art highlights the tragic differences between Marc Spector and Steven Grant. Marvel Studios’ latest live-action series, Moon Knight, premiered on Disney+ on March 30th. Its pilot introduced audiences to Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, a mild-manner gift shop employee unaware he’s an alter within a Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), which includes Marc Spector—a mercenary who made a life-saving pact with the Egyptian moon god , Khonshu. As both Moon Knight and Mr. Knight, Steven/Marc must stop Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) from releasing the Egyptian demoness Ammit.


In episode 4, “The Tomb,” Harrow shoots Steven/Marc and seemingly kills the pair before they awake in what appears to be a psychiatric hospital. In the aptly-titled fifth episode, “Asylum,” Steven and Marc discover that they have entered the Duat, the Egyptian realm of the dead, and must balance the scale that weighs their hearts by reconciling their most painful memories—which he desperately wants to keep hidden from Steven. Ultimately, it’s confirmed that Steven is a personality created to protect Marc from the abuse he suffered from his mother following the death of his brother.

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Artist Pablo on Instagram recently shared some Moon Knight fan art that highlights the differences between Marc and Steven. The piece sees Marc in the shadows as Steven reaches out to him in the light. Check it out below:

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Suffice to say, Steven is much less traumatized than Marc thanks to the latter’s measure to conceal his difficult past. On top of being a “made up” construct serving as a sort of security blanket for Marc, Steven was previously unaware of his mother’s true nature and the fact that she’s no longer alive. Despite Moon Knight revealing Marc to be the primary, or original alter, the series has treated Steven as an equal from the jump—which has continued with the depiction of his soul in the afterlife. It remains to be seen if both Steven and Marc will make it out of Moon Knight alive.

At the end of episode 5, Marc and Steven are attacked by the undead as the boat reaches Osiris’s Gate. In a moment of pure character development, Steven saves Marc before falling out of the boat and turning into a statue of sand, which balances the scales and allows Marc admittance into the Field of Reeds. If Marc really isn’t in a psychiatric hospital, he’ll need to return to the land of the living, free Khonshu, and stop Harrow/Ammit in Moon Knight‘s final episode. That said, Steven—along with another alter—will likely return in the series finale. However, the Marvel Cinematic Universe could diverge from the comics and decide Marc deserves to live and move forward without his alters.

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Source: Pablo/Instagram

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