Trump news today: Aides leak possible date for 2024 presidential campaign announcement

‘Get ready’: Trump says he will ‘very probably’ run again for president in 2024

After Donald Trump last night told a rally crowd in Sioux City, Iowa, that he is likelier than ever to run for president in 2024, multiple outlets are reporting that his aides are homing in on November 14 as a date to announce a new campaign.

“In order to make our country successful and safe and glorious, I will very, very, very probably do it again,” Mr Trump told the rally crowd last night. “Get ready, that’s all I’m telling you – very soon. Get ready.”

No final decision has apparently been made on the timing of the announcement, but Mr Trump has been trailing it heavily for more than a year.

In addition, CNN reports that as a Trump 2024 run looks likely, Justice Department officials have discussed the potential need for a special counsel for the January 6 and Mar-a-Lago documents investigations. A flurry of activity is expected after the midterms.

Meanwhile the judge handling New York Attorney General Letitia James’ fraud lawsuit against the Trump Organization and the Trump family has ruled an independent monitor will oversee the company, restricting its ability to conduct business.


Oath Keepers leader tears up in court

Stewart Rhodes, the Oath Keepers chief who faces seditious conspiracy charges over the January 6 insurrection, has taken the stand in his trial – and his defense team’s questions have pushed him to the point of tears:

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Trump’s rumored announcement gets people talking…

The announcement would be followed up by several days of events, Axios reported.

Allies are now clearing their schedules and getting ready to travel during the week following the midterms on 8 November. But as Journalist Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution tweeted, that the announcement could come “right smack in the middle of a potential Senate runoff here in Georgia” – one that, as in the 2020 cycle, could decide which party controls the Senate .

Gustaf Kilander rounds up the reaction.

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Is the Trump announcement rumor for real?

The reports from CNN and Axios that Donald Trump may be announcing a presidential bid on 14 November have quickly captured the news cycle, but they are hardly the first stories reporting an imminent declaration – and nor are they the first to offer a specific date, as Politico’s Sam Stein points out:

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Trump rants about NY judge’s “property forfeiture”

Donald Trump is increasingly incensed by New York Attorney General Letitia James’s fraud lawsuit against him and his company, and his anger has been stoked this week by his failure to regain the initiative – most recently a judge assigning an independent monitor to oversee the Trump Organization and barring it from transferring assets without notice.

At his Iowa rally last night, the ex-president made his feelings about this decision abundantly clear.

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Trump complains about “awful children”

During a rally speech intended to show support for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and US Senator Chuck Grassley, Mr Trump instead began boasting about his own record, pointing to changes to estate tax which lowered the amount paid when the rich pass money onto their children.

At that point, the father-of-five suddenly got sidetracked, launching into a rant about inheritance and whether people should leave their wealth to “horrible children”.

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Trump “considering 2024 announcement on 14 November” – report

Axios reports this morning that members of Donald Trump’s inner circle are considering a presidential campaign announcement on 14 November, meaning he could end up spending almost exactly two years running to get his job back.

According to the outlet, the rationale for the announcement is that Mr Trump’s party is increasingly expected to perform well on Tuesday night, offering him momentum to ride as he tries to head off any potential rivals for the 2024 nomination.

However, the report is similar to numerous others that have circulated since Mr Trump left office. ace Axios wrote: “It’s Trump. So anything could happen—or not. He’s conflicted over the timing and nothing is ever certain. But people who have been close to him for many years are lacing up for the next race.”

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar reports:

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Marjorie Taylor Greene goesads Trump fans into booing Paul Pelosi

Marjorie Taylor Greene goaded Trump supporters into booing Paul Pelosi and slammed him for not shooting dead the suspect who brutally attacked him with a hammer.

The Georgia lawmaker made the comments as she spoke at the one-term president’s rally in Sioux City, Iowa, on Thursday ahead of next week’s midterm elections.

Graeme Massie has the story.

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Judge bars Trump Organization from transferring assets

The New York State judge overseeing Attorney General Letitia James’ fraud lawsuit against former president Donald Trump, his family, and his eponymous real estate and licensing company has issued an order barring the transfer of any of the ex-president’s or his company’s assets without notifying the court and the attorney general’s office.

New York County Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron on Thursday also granted Ms James’ request for an independent monitor to oversee compliance with his order, to be chosen from a list of recommendations made by Ms James and the Trump Organization.

Andrew Feinberg has the details.

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Trump on running for president again

One-time president Donald Trump has dropped the strongest hint yet that he may run for the White House for the third time in 2024 after months of speculation.

Addressing an election rally in Sioux City, Iowa on Thursday night, Mr Trump said he will “very, very, very probably” make another bid for the president’s office.

“And now, in order to make our country successful and safe and glorious, I will very, very, very probably do it again,” Mr Trump said at an event for supporting Republican senator Chuck Grassley.

“Get ready, that’s all I’m telling you — very soon. Get ready,” Mr. Trump added as the crowd chanted his name.

The 45th president also reiterated the false claim of having won the 2020 presidential election.

Alisha Rahaman Sarkar reports.

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Police called to trespass complaint at Mar-a-Lago

Palm Beach police officers were called to Mar-a-Lago on Thursday morning after a report of a man who was refusing to leave the grounds of Donald Trump’s Florida resort.

Captain Will Rothrock told FoxNews that they were contacted by Secret Service agents about a “routine trespass complaint”.

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